Valentine’s Day Flowers Tips & Tricks

Whether you’re sending a beautiful bouquet to that special someone, or are fully surprised on the 14th with a beautiful array of florals, we have some advice for you.

Sending Flowers:

{1} Order Early.  Ordering early can ensure the look you want is available and it can be delivered to your destination on time.  And to really surprise that special someone, consider sending your flowers a day early.  At Rockcastle Florist, we are offering free delivery to early local orders placed by Sunday February 10 and choose delivery Monday February 11 – Wednesday February 13.  Just use PROMO CODE: VEB13 to save up to $8.95 on local deliveries.

{2} Read The Fine Print.  If you choose to order your flowers online make sure to know exactly what you’re getting.  Many online floral services will send fresh flowers in a box, not arranged.  Consider ordering through your local florist.  They have expert designers on site to create your bouquet, and friendly delivery personnel to ensure each arrangement is delivered in flawless condition.

{3} Try Something New.  When thinking of Valentine’s Day flowers red roses may be your immediate thought.  But consider trying to send something new.  Maybe that special someone loves gerbera daisies or their favorite color is yellow.  Don’t feel limited by the Valentine’s Day norms, select flowers that will truly represent your recipient’s personality.

Receiving Flowers:

{1} Thank Your Sender.  When receiving flowers, especially on a busy day such as Valentine’s, remember to thank your sender.  They invested money into your arrangement and may have even done it as a surprise.  Consider giving your Valentine a ring, they’d love to know you received their special gift.

{2} Maintain Your Bouquet.  Know that flowers are sensitive to cold temperatures, so remember to place them in the original package when traveling home.  Change the water and add some floral food every few days.

{3} Tell Your Florist What You Think.  You’re florist would love to know what you thought of your bouquet.  If there is an issue, call the florist directly.  If you loved your bouquet send in a photo, or comment on social media.


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