DIY Dyeing Carnations

Nothing says “top of the mornin’ to ya” like a green carnation on St. Patrick’s Day.  And what a fun activity to do with the kids this March!

At Rockcastle Florist we prefer to dye our own Green Carnations because we find that they last longer than the pre-dyed that we can order in.  The difference?  All carnations are cut from the farm, dry packed, shipped and hydrated when they reach their retail location.  Pre-dyed carnations are cut from the farm, partially hydrated with dye and water and dry packed again.  We find that dying them and hydrating white carnations once on are end provides a longer lasting product.

While we dye our own carnations in house, you can dye your own carnations right at home!  Here is how:


{1} Gather your supplies: white carnations, green food coloring, knife, two glass vases or jars, paper towels, and water.

{2} Cut the stems with a knife about and inch or so above the end of the stem.  Make sure to cut at an angle.

{3} Immediately submerge the stems in clean water.  Make sure the water is a few inches above the stem end.

{4} Drop the food coloring in the second jar of water to dye the carnations.  More is better.  Try 20 – 30 drops.  Make sure the water is a deep deep green.

{5} Place the stems in the colored water.

{6} Check back in 30 minutes to an hour and the color should start to peak through.  In about 24 hours the color will be as deep as possible.

{7} Take the carnations out and gently clean the stem and place into a fresh vase of water.

{8} You can arrange the carnations in a bouquet or even wear one on your shirt or in your hair.

Note that an unconditioned white carnation is best for coloring.  Meaning it is a carnation that has not been hydrated yet.


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