Summer Wedding Trends

Over the past few years we have been sending brides and bridesmaids down the aisle with bright colorful summer bouquets.  But the summer wedding trends are starting to shift.  We now are seeing more muted colors and brides skipping out on the traditional wedding looks for a more customized style.

{1} Colored Bride’s Bouquets: Brides are tossing the traditional all white bouquet, for something more colorful.  We love this trend, as it makes for a stand out look in photo opts.  The bouquet doesn’t blend in with the dress, but rather stands out as a beautiful bridal accessory.


{2} White Bridesmaid Bouquets: Just like brides are opting for more color, bridesmaids are opting for a muted look.  Again this is a great way to stand out against a bold bridesmaid dress, and better yet, to showcase the brides bouquet.

75f12a5a3b28f4bc06e0780899d9afba{3} Popular Colors: Move over bright colors, blush and grey are all the rage.  The light pink blush tone is the ultimate wedding color with soft features and a romantic feel.  While the grey tone is perfect neutral pallet color for a bold graphic wedding.


{4} Monochromatic: A more modern twist we are seeing is monochromatic tones.  Whether it’s in centerpieces, bouquets, or ceremony decor, weddings are going with one color.


{5} Succulents: Going with a natural vibe, succulents are popping up everywhere.  Whether its one tucked into a lovely bouquet or a centerpiece full of them, they are a perfect addition to those looking to add in a natural relaxed touch to their wedding florals.


{6} Vintage / Rustic Style: In an effort to save money and still have a wow factor wedding look, brides are turing to a more vintage or rustic style wedding.  With DIY moments, alternative venues, and tons of Pinterest inspiration, couples are opting for these unique looks to create a customized wedding.


Tribute Flowers


Memorial Day is just next week.  And as we celebrate the beginning of summer, we also honor the men and women who have lost their lives fighting for our freedom in the United States Armed Forces.

A special and traditional way to celebrate those individuals is with a beautiful assortment of tribute flowers.  An arrangement can be designed in a cemetery cone or wreath depending on your needs. Red, white and blue are the most popular colors for Memorial Day. Flowers in these colors along with patriotic ribbon or an American Flag are great choices for this occasion.

Keep in mind that many cemeteries have guidelines as to what type of floral arrangements can be placed in specific areas.  Make sure you are utilizing the correct container and you’re allowed to use fresh florals if you choose.

Blooms & The Brainery

Time to get schooled on the latest trends in Entertaining with Flowers with Wendy Rockcastle at  Rochester Brainery.  And here to tell us all about this exciting new class is Wendy herself: 422460_10150748534748179_1198436643_n “On Wednesday, May 22 I will be teaching a hands on class for the new Rochester Brainery School in the Village Gate.   I’m very excited about this new classroom setting that the Brainery has to offer.  When I first learned of the Rochester Brainery and their unique classroom concepts I couldn’t wait to get involved.

Next week I will be demonstrating how to utilize household items for floral designs for entertaining.  I will also have suggestions for low-cost items that you can purchase to have on hand for special occasions.  My recommendations will also include the best fresh flowers to choose when undertaking such projects.  This is an easy, beginner’s class that’s sure to be fun for all.  We will also have plenty of time for Q&A as we go along.”

Aside from Wendy’s “Entertaining With Flowers” class, there are many other classes students can take at the Brainery.  Classes range from swing dancing to debt management and just about everything in between.

There is still room to register online at  Hope to see you in the class!

Robin’s Garden

We’re excited to have one of our own designers, Robin, as a guest blogger this week. She will be sharing information on one of her many passions, gardening:


My yard in Spring is like an out of control, multicolored soiree. The flora and fauna go from stark to lush in 2 days of sunshine. There are old friends arriving, new guests from who knows where, no shows and the inevitable unwanted guests usually in creeping weed form. The house and multitude of chores inside must wait until October now, for the real party has begun outside.

In all this chaos we must remember not to rush out of the gate prematurely and that there may be better times to plant or prune certain species. There is no blanket rule for your pruning duties. So don’t get Edward Scissor Hands on your shrubs without researching your specific variety and it’s tailored needs.  For example, some hydrangea varieties are best to be pruned when you can decipher new and old growth by swelling buds in Spring.  The buds of some plants have set themselves in fall and by pruning at the wrong time you will cut off any potential flowers. Our cold, windy winters prove to be too much for some deeply pruned and hallow Hydrangea stems. A light prune just to shape the plant is always safest until you know for sure.

photo copy

Be careful raking too early, “your roots are showing” isn’t just something of a coiffure slam, but your actual lawn has tender shallow roots in the early spring. By raking too soon you will rip and damage that manicured lawn you are striving for and eventually killing with kindness. If you unsightly stalks or clumps of leaves, just pick them up by hand until we have more consecutively warm days and the grass has started flourishing.

Some other fun spring tidbits that will help you out is to be patient. You may have received a beautiful bulb garden basket this past Easter or even for Mother’s day. The best treatment for the bulbs after they have bloomed is to trim the dead flower stem off and allow the foliage to run its course and eventually wilt. After wilted, place the container in a cool, dark, dry place for the summer. In late fall after temperatures drop, is the perfect time to place them in the ground with a little fertilizer/ bone meal (follow the instructions about depth. (Not too shallow!)  The bulbs should pop up in the spring and be back on their “normal” schedule.

Last but not least, I will single out my favorite spring flower. The true sign of new beginnings, the flower of Wales and the most resilient of the bulbs, the Daffodil. Ever since Narcissus drowned in that pool of water after being so taken with his own beautiful reflection, the plant has had many myths surrounding it. Animals instinctively know not to eat the poisonous plant. The sap has sharp crystals of calcium oxalate that may irritate your skin and are poisonous. However, it is fine to place Daffodils in a vase of mixed flowers as long as the water is changed daily. There is nothing better than to see a few simple stems of their happy yellow faces peeking out from your favorite vase.

Tick-tock, Spring time is fleeting in Rochester, Ny so go out and enjoy the fresh, new pallet of your space and the pride in last year’s good planning.