Hot Hot Hot Wedding Trends


The Kennedy-Hickey Wedding was so much fun to work with.  Especially since all their selections were beautiful choices that happen to be hot wedding trends this summer.

As a fan of all things fashion related, I must first give a shout out to the non floral fashions that all worked together for this pretty, pretty wedding.  The beautiful bride, Julia opted for a candle light lace gown with cap sleeves, that was stunning on her statuesque frame.  For the bridal party Julia chose blush cocktail length dresses.  It was wonderful for us to kick off the summer wedding season with the fastest trending color this year.  It was also refreshing to see her embrace another new trend and style her hair loose in a partial up do.  The handsome Groom, Patrick, and beautiful weather made this the perfect Rochester Wedding Day!!


Here are some hot trends you can take away from this fabulous wedding:

{1} Limit your floral choices to 2-3 types of flowers and colors, less is more and too many varieties and colors can look busy and distracting.

{2} Blush and green as floral colors for the day can be utilized in several shades, in this combination of the brighter greens to the lightest green combined with blush and a touch of pink is a popular pairing for this summer.

{3} A combination of high and low centerpieces is the perfect look for any wedding.  The tall cylinder vases with branches paired with the low compact arrangements on alternating tables is a wonderful visual experience and also offers cost savings.


Graduation Flowers


Looking for the perfect day of graduation gift?  Flowers are the only way to go!  Classic red roses would be appreciated by any graduate, but there are many other options for those who don’t want roses.  Mixed bouquets are a great way to show a graduate that you are proud of them.  Additional customization can be added in though showcasing their favorite flower or ribbons in their school colors.  When working with a florist, think how you can make the bouquet truly represent the recipient.


If you’re planning on sitting through a long graduation ceremony, opt for a tussie mussie bouquet.  These bouquets are cut shorter, making them lighter and easier to handle.  And it makes for an easy hold while the graduate receives plenty of graduation hugs!
Maybe flowers aren’t exactly what your graduate would want, don’t worry there are other options.  How about a cookie bouquet!  Arranged in a beautiful basket, these big cookies are just the treat for your new grad to eat.  At Rockcastle we have many designs, including: colored m&m’s, chocolate chips, and event 2013 written out in sugar!

Teacher Gifting

As the school year is coming to a close, finding that perfect gift for that special teacher is on everyone’s mind.  But you don’t have to go big to be the apple of your teachers eye.  Small gifts are the perfect way to say “thank you for all your hard work this year!”  Here are some ideas:

Order a small vase arrangement of flowers.  Choose one to two different flowers with a coordinating filler.  You can splurge on a luxurious flower, like a garden rose or orchid, for something with great impact, that they may not see in a larger bouquet.  For a special touch, select your school colors or their favorite flowers to really brighten their day.
Looking for another way to say thank you, without braking the bank?  Having the flowers wrapped is less costly then having them arranged in a vase.  Try a wrapped bouquet of colorful carnations or gerbera daises to send a smile.
If a bouquet isn’t fitting for the teacher in your life, think about getting a potted plant.  A small pot of african violets or a lovely dish garden would make a great addition to the classroom, with lasting enjoyment.

Father’s Day

Trying to think of a great way to show your Dad you care about him this father’s day?  We all have done the cute pictures, cards, and any power tool he may be missing from his collection.  So it’s time to think outside of the box with… flowers!  Flowers are a great way to recognize any individual, male or female, and show how much you care.  Now don’t come rushing to our store to get him a dozen long stem roses.  Now a days there are more masculine arrangements available for any occasions.
Here are a few tips to help you select an appropriate arrangement. When buying flowers keep in mind that you should look for bold colors like red, orange, or purple.  These strong colors make an eye catching bouquet without being too “pretty”.  Another thing to remember is that linear or natural bouquets are going to look the best in a mans eye.  Rounded or fluffy bouquets are seen as more of a girly style.
Don’t want to be too bold the first time?  Send a simple potted plant or small table arrangement to see how he reacts.  Remember you don’t have to send just flowers.  Add in his favorite candy, little gadget, or something to do with his favorite hobby or pastime.  For example if you Dad loves cars try out the Teleflora’s ’48 Ford Pickup Bouquet.  As your florist for other unique containers available.  Adding in small touches of what dad enjoys is a great way to show him some love.

So next time you are looking for a unique gift that says “happy father’s day,” remember that flowers aren’t just for women.  With a lovely plant or arrangement you can show anyone how much they are loved and appreciated.