Graduation Flowers


Looking for the perfect day of graduation gift?  Flowers are the only way to go!  Classic red roses would be appreciated by any graduate, but there are many other options for those who don’t want roses.  Mixed bouquets are a great way to show a graduate that you are proud of them.  Additional customization can be added in though showcasing their favorite flower or ribbons in their school colors.  When working with a florist, think how you can make the bouquet truly represent the recipient.


If you’re planning on sitting through a long graduation ceremony, opt for a tussie mussie bouquet.  These bouquets are cut shorter, making them lighter and easier to handle.  And it makes for an easy hold while the graduate receives plenty of graduation hugs!
Maybe flowers aren’t exactly what your graduate would want, don’t worry there are other options.  How about a cookie bouquet!  Arranged in a beautiful basket, these big cookies are just the treat for your new grad to eat.  At Rockcastle we have many designs, including: colored m&m’s, chocolate chips, and event 2013 written out in sugar!

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