Bouts Off The Beaten Path

As a florist we often see brides willing to express details of what is important in their bouquets adding sentimental value.  But when it comes to the boutonnieres they often seem to be an afterthought.  Think outside the single rose boutonniere box and look for something that will have that extra special touch.


Consider alternative shapes, non floral add ins, or how your can translate your theme or style into tiny boutonniere form.  Maybe your husband to be has a favorite super hero he wants to adorn on his suit, or possibly you have an inspiration piece like an old skeleton key you have used throughout your event.  Speak with your florist about these details, and they can make a cohesive look to your wedding floral order.

photo copy

Recently we designed for a lake house inspired wedding and were provided driftwood yarn and twine.  These elements were present throughout the wedding and the boutonnieres were a statement piece to the overall look.  And who doesn’t enjoy seeing something new and different at weddings?


Other great alternative items:

  • Fishing lures
  • Golf tees
  • Peacock of other foul feathers
  • Family heirlooms like a special tie tack



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