Talk About Lisa

This issue is all about Lisa, the Manager and Wedding Team Leader in our Canandaigua location.


{1} What is your floral industry background?  I started in the greenhouses of Stella in 1983 and quickly moved to the design room and sales.  Shortly after, I left the floral business and got other jobs.  Nevertheless, I ended up getting back into the industry, working at Cuddeback Florist in Canandaigua as a designer and sales coordinator in 1985.  After spending some time in this role, I moved up to manager and designer of Cuddeback’s Bloomfield location up until 1991.  In 1993 I took some time off to have a baby, and started at Rockcastle in 1994 as a part-time sales associate and designer.  I attended the Hixon School of Floral Design and moved into a full time designer and sales position.  Later on moving to assistant manager.  And for the last four years have been manager of the Rockcastle Florist Canandaguia Location.

{2} How long have you worked at Rockcastle Florist?  It will be 20 years in 2014.

{3} What is the most memorable order you have worked on at Rockcastle?  A halo that we made for a beautiful little girl named Annalise.  She was battling a rare form of cancer and was the flower girl in a wedding.  While the other girls got their hair done the stylist said that Annalise didn’t have enough hair.  When that little girl put that halo on and hugged me, it was by far one of the most powerful moments in my life.  She said she was pretty.  A year later Annalise passed away.  Her aunt sent me a picture from the wedding of her smiling face.  It is at my computer still!

{4} What is your favorite flower?  Alstroemeria.  It comes in lots of great colors and it lasts for so long!

{5} What inspired you in this industry?  People inspire me!  Helping them express happiness or sadness.  Bringing smiles to peoples faces.  Sharing in their wedding.  All of it makes me want to do more and show people the real power of flowers!

{6} Tell us a random fact about yourself.  I collect everything frog!


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