Talk About Ismeta

This week we’re talking all about Ismeta Bandulj, Flower Buyer and Designer in the Rochester Location.


{1} What is your floral industry background?  I was born in Jugosburja (Bosnia) and worked as a Floral Designer there.

{2} How long have you worked at Rockcastle Florist?  I have worked at Rockcastle Florist for 15 years.  I applied here shortly after we moved to the USA and spoke very little English.  We kid at work that most of my English was learned here at the Shop.

{3} What is the most memorable order you have worked on at Rockcastle?  A young man once came to the shop with a Growers Box of 150 roses that he ordered on line.  He asked for a presentation bouquet with as many as we could manage.  I was able to design a bouquet with all 150.  It was very large and very heavy!

542435_4022863288200_1236014315_n{4} What are your favorite flowers?  Tulips, sunflowers, and calla lilies.

{5} What inspired you in this industry?  Working with beautiful flowers and making people happy with creative designs.

{6} Tell us a random fact about yourself.  I am a big dreamer and wish I could fly.


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