Talk About Shawn

This week the spotlight is on one of our Canandaigua team members.  Read on to learn more about Shawn, his appreciation for nature and more:
photo shawn
{1} What is your floral background?  I started working at Rockcastle Florist in the green houses on Gibson Street in 1996.  As we stopped growing and used the greenhouses less, I moved into the flower shop and started designing.

{2} How long have you worked at Rockcastle Florist?  I worked full time 1996-2001, part time from 2001-2010, and am now the Assistant Manager, full time since 2010.

{3} What is the most memorable order you have worked on at Rockcastle?  For me the Gill wedding in 2012 at Sonnenberg Gardens.  We designed 2 large spheres placed on silver pedestals that were really impressive.  You don’t get to work on pieces like that very often!

IMG_3260{4} What is your favorite flower?  Daffodil, I love the scent and it is one of the first flowers of spring!

{5} What inspires you in this Industry?  Nature, everywhere you go there are flowers and plants!  I really enjoy more natural materials and textures.  It is great to use all of these elements to create something beautiful for people to enjoy.

{6} Tell us a random fact about yourself.  I am an animal lover, especially interested in Birds!


One thought on “Talk About Shawn

  1. I first met Shawn at a wedding he was doing the flowers for and the band, The New Aliens, were playing the gig also. I was inspired by his creativity and the need for someone to work in the greenhouse so offered him the job through the recommendation from Suzanne Farley. He turned out to be a very valuable asset and as you can tell is still one to this day. Congratulations to Shawn on his hard work and natural design ability.

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