Talk About Barb

This week we’re talking all about Barb Kaiser, one of our fabulous sales associates in our Rochester location.


{1} How long have you worked at Rockcastle Florist?  I started working at Rockcastle Florist in June of 2013.

{2} What is the most memorable order you have worked on at Rockcastle?  It’s actually not an order I took, but the flowers I received at my wedding in July of 1992.  We used Rockcastle for our wedding in a Karate Studio.

{3} What are your favorite flowers?  Pink carnations for their simplicity and beauty.

{4} What inspired you in this industry?  The opportunity to support people as they celebrate and remember the important events and loved ones in their lives.

{5} Tell us a random fact about yourself.  I have been studying Isshin Ryu Karate for over 25 years!

Help Rockcastle to “ROC” Rochester!


We are so honored to have made it into the TOP 5 of the RochesterROCS contest for Best Flower Shop!  Thank you to those who nominated us to be entered for this award.

Now we need your help to win! Voting on the TOP 5 ends on Thursday February 13, 2014 at 10AM.  Visit News 10 NBC to place your vote:  Simply click on  the “Rochester Rocs! Vote Now” tab on their Facebook page to participate.  Thank you for your support!

What Will Your Roses Say On Valentine’s Day?

It’s without a doubt, roses are the most popular flower on Valentine’s Day.  But with a seemingly endless color selection in the beautiful bloom, what will the flowers you send mean?


Red:  The classic statement of love, a red rose simply says “I love you”.  If you are looking to express deep feelings of romance this Valentine’s Day, a beautiful bouquet of red roses is the perfect sentiment.


Pink: Pink roses are perfect for the first time Valentine lovers.  Having a gentler meaning, it shows admiration, elegance, and joyfulness, without the bold statement a red rose makes.


Yellow: Looking at this bright, sunny flower, we can immediately feel warmth and happiness. These feelings resinate with the true meaning of the yellow rose, friendship.  If your Valentine is just a friend, or maybe a true love and a true friend, a bouquet of yellow roses with surly delight.


White: Known for it’s frequent appearance in weddings, the white rose stands for purity, innocence, and new beginnings.  Send a bouquet of white roses to show honor and reverence to your Valentine.  It’s also the perfect bouquet for soon to be wed or newly weds.

T72-3AOrange: Their bold and energetic color defines the orange rose as a symbol of deep passion and desire.  Sending your Valentine a bouquet of orange roses with share and expression of your fiery and intense romance.


Lavender: With it’s unique color, the lavender rose is seen as a symbol of enchantment.  A bouquet of lavender roses is the perfect expression of love at first sight.