What Will Your Roses Say On Valentine’s Day?

It’s without a doubt, roses are the most popular flower on Valentine’s Day.  But with a seemingly endless color selection in the beautiful bloom, what will the flowers you send mean?


Red:  The classic statement of love, a red rose simply says “I love you”.  If you are looking to express deep feelings of romance this Valentine’s Day, a beautiful bouquet of red roses is the perfect sentiment.


Pink: Pink roses are perfect for the first time Valentine lovers.  Having a gentler meaning, it shows admiration, elegance, and joyfulness, without the bold statement a red rose makes.


Yellow: Looking at this bright, sunny flower, we can immediately feel warmth and happiness. These feelings resinate with the true meaning of the yellow rose, friendship.  If your Valentine is just a friend, or maybe a true love and a true friend, a bouquet of yellow roses with surly delight.


White: Known for it’s frequent appearance in weddings, the white rose stands for purity, innocence, and new beginnings.  Send a bouquet of white roses to show honor and reverence to your Valentine.  It’s also the perfect bouquet for soon to be wed or newly weds.

T72-3AOrange: Their bold and energetic color defines the orange rose as a symbol of deep passion and desire.  Sending your Valentine a bouquet of orange roses with share and expression of your fiery and intense romance.


Lavender: With it’s unique color, the lavender rose is seen as a symbol of enchantment.  A bouquet of lavender roses is the perfect expression of love at first sight.


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