Bring Spring In

It’s no secret, we’re all sick of this cold weather.  And even though we can’t enjoy outdoor flowers just yet, you can bring spring inside.  Here are some of our favorite plants to bring indoors:

{1} Tulips: A perennial, bulb plant with around 75 wild species.  You can find one in almost any color and many have varying petal types.
247f443f70d207f81033dd65d0da6820{2} Crocus: These flowering plants in the iris family and native to woodland, scrub, and meadows from sea level to alpine tundra.

{3} Hyacinths: A small bulb flowering plant with dense clusters of blooms.  Hyacinths are highly fragrant with blooms that look like miniature starfishes.

7e24b54f4632f5e17483a2eabe60f35a{4} Daffodils: These hardy, spring-flowering bulbs are beautiful for indoors and outdoors.  Each flower has a central bell surrounded by six petals.  Flower color varies from white through yellow to deep orange.


{5} Azalea: A flowering shrub with blooms often lasting several weeks. Shade tolerant, they are great for enjoying indoors.  With blooms of white, shades of pink, purple, and even red, the plants are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to complement any garden or home.

download (2).jpgggg

{6} Easter Lily: These stem rooting lilies can growing up to 3 feet high.  Each plant bears multiple trumpet shaped, outward facing flowers.  The white blooms are well known for their white color and fragrance.


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