Prom Flower Tips

It’s that time of year again, when the high school dating ritual of prom becomes top of mind for so many teens. What to wear? Who to go with? Where’s the after party? Here’s a few tips to make floral choices easier:

{1} Consider your date’s personality and of course what they are wearing when ordering flower style and color. Here are some ways to infuse their personality into your choices.

  • A classic person often trends towards blue. One of the most popular color schemes we see during Prom Season is any shade of blue from light to royal and navy.  This assortment of spray rose and hydrangea on a wrist corsage can be worn with any shade of blue.

  • You know the type, who chooses Glamor and Glitz over anything else. Dresses embellished with beading and crystals are a hot ticket this season. Corsages can be customized to compliment your Prom look with beading, glitter ribbons and wire and rhinestones. This mix of alstroemeria lilies, spray roses, miniature carnations, beading and glitz wire would be perfect with any shade of purple embellished gown or a fun print.

  •  For those who wish to give a nod to Nature, there are beautiful choices. Featured here are elegant white freesia blooms accented with pussy willow and hen feathers on a wrist corsage.

  • Trend Setters, who just don’t go with the crowd are looking for something unique.  Pink spray roses accented with wax flower and glitzy ribbons make this small bouquet a stand out design.

{2} Order together as a matched set. One of the biggest trends we have seen in the last few years is prom dates coming together to order their flowers, to be sure they will have a matched set. It’s a great way to customize your look as a couple and to be sure the corsage and boutonniere will coordinate.

{3} Have pictures ready on your cell phone, a photo of your dress in natural lighting and the color accent he will be wearing as well. It’s the perfect way to share with your florist the colors you are wearing.

{4} Remember to compliment your attire with similar shades of the same color flowers or contrasting colors. Don’t try to match your dress with spray paints, etc. because you want your flowers to stand out and not blend in with your dress.

{5} For customized orders, place at least a week in advance to be sure the florist has the flowers and items you are looking for.

{6} If you need to change an order, give your Florist 72-48 hours notice, due to Seasonal Volume.

But most of all…Have Fun and Be Safe on Prom Night!!

Check out the original post on HerRochester.


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