Spring Wedding Floral Trends

We may be still on the waiting list for Spring here in Rochester, but soon enough the birds will be singing and the lilacs blooming! Spring weddings are on the rise and here are just a few of the trends in floral design.

{1} Soft Color Pallet: Spring evokes a soft and subtle color scheme as we are waking up from the bleak colors of winter. This bouquet of  quiet “sherbert” hues is perfect for a Spring wedding.

{2} Unexpected Elements: Spring also inspires happiness as we put winter behind us and celebrate a new beginning. These boutonnieres are a perfect mix of subtle and happy with the polka dot feathers added for style and charm.

{3} Seasonal Features: Fall weddings have been making use of pumpkins and corn stalks for many seasons now that we are accepting of a casual esthetic. This new rule works for spring too; umbrellas and pin wheels are perfect details to add to your floral decor.

{4} Let The Sunshine In: Yellow is the perfect color for Spring weddings! It can be soft and bold at the same time, while brightening your day with thoughts of sunshine. I love a yellow wedding especially in the Spring! These round billy balls add another fun element in the yellow color scheme.

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Say Thank You This Secretaries Day

The sometimes forgotten holiday, Secretaries Day, is nestled right in-between Easter and Mother’s Day.  Don’t let the person who makes your day exponentially easier be overlooked.  If you just started thinking about gifting for April 23, here are some ideas:8c7a5783e5646403d6efa08334eafa71

{1} Something Sweet.  During a long day at the office, something sweet can really help you get through.  Try a homemade tasty treat that your secretary can enjoy immediately, like cookies or fudge, or give them something that they can keep in their desk for those days worse than Mondays, like taffy or hard candy.1d5e0e668b1011d026441a1f9344e6f3

{2} Something Growing. Green plants have been known to have a positive effect on productivity and stress recovery.  A beautiful dish garden will make a perfect addition to their desk an office, while providing some of these great health benefits.02ababe82450be8e4104577e99070d41

{3} Something Personalized.  Monogramed and personalized gifts are definitely a big trend as of late.  Give your secretary some office swag with a personalized mug, note book, phone case, or clipboard.  They will love a gift that’s just for them.eac31212b9dde6b8c40e365221655656

{4} Something Tasty.  If sweets just aren’t your secretaries things, try a gift basket filled with fruit, gourmet goodies, or both!  Presented in a beautiful basket, you can wow any secretary for their hard work.1d5a026bdd267da46dabcd10e5c4d14b

{5} Something Blooming.  A bouquet of beautiful flowers is the perfect way to say thank you to any secretary.  Choose their favorite florals, colors, or their signature style for a personalized touch.  Send this bouquet in a lovely vase to enjoy on their desk all week long!

Easter Surprises. Unexpected Decor For The Holiday.

With Easter just a hop, skip, and jump aways, decorating for guests is definitely on the mind.  Of course flowers are always our “go-to”, but don’t feel limited to all floral pieces.  Easter and spring in general are a great time to play with alternative add-ins for decorating your home!


{1} Sweet Treats.  With baskets full of brightly colored candies, we’re so inspired by sweet ad-ins for floral designs.  Think jelly beans, bunny peeps, or chocolate foiled eggs.


{2} Succulent Surprises.  For a modern twist on traditional Easter floral displays, add in succulents.  These structured, fleshy blooms are perfect for tucking into floral pieces, or simply standing alone.  Our favorite look is succulents tucked into dyed eggs, just like above!


{3} Grasses Galore.  Spring is finally here (we hope), so showcasing something as simple as grasses might be just the perfect touch.  Wheat grass pared with colorful spring flowers, placed in spring inspired vases, or paired with easter staples like colored eggs with make for a beautiful Easter display.

Easterblog2{4} Veggie-tastic.  Go beyond the traditional norms of floral design and add in some unexpected elements.  Vegetables like radishes, carrots, and lettuce are perfect to keep guests looking twice at your unique design.

7037a7534d04d7c5c97cb64009d5efab{5} Mossy Must Haves.  Moss covered pieces are perfect for subtle touches of easter and spring.  Covering spheres or your favorite Easter shapes in moss is a trend savvy touch to your holiday home decor.

Talk About Jim

This week we’re talking all about Jim Hough, an integral part of our Canandaigua Team!


{1} What is your floral industry background?  May 1969 Graduated from Rittner’s School of Floral Design in Boston, Mass.  1960 – 1970 Seltszer’s Garden City, Mass.  1970 – 1971 Hough Florist, Nashua, NH.  1971-1972 Brush Florist, North Scituate, RI.  1972 Towne House Florist, Johnston, RI.  December 1972 – July 1974 Barrows Newman Florist, Rochester, NY.  August 1974 – June 1980 Lasalle Florist, Chicago IL.  August 1983 – August 1985 Rockcastle Florist, Rochester, NY.  August 1985 to Present Rockcastle Florist, Canandaigua, NY.

{2} How long have you worked at Rockcastle Florist?  30 years in August of this year.

{3} What is the most memorable order you have worked on at Rockcastle? We decorated Ferris Hills when President Bush visited Canandaigua.

{4} What are your favorite flowers?  The carnation.  The dianthus family has a number of varieties that we use regularly.  There are a vast array of colors and some of the varieties have a wonderful fragrance.

{5} What inspired you in this industry?  My job is to make people happy.  As a driver I see smiling faces of those who receive our flowers.  Whatever the occasion our flowers communicate that someone cares about you.

{6} Tell us a random fact about yourself.  I have two sons who both live overseas, one in Paraguay and one in Nepal.  Dan and Sarah in Paraguay have five children and are expecting their 6th in January.  Dave and Hannah in Nepal have two children and are expecting their 3rd in January.