Say Thank You This Secretaries Day

The sometimes forgotten holiday, Secretaries Day, is nestled right in-between Easter and Mother’s Day.  Don’t let the person who makes your day exponentially easier be overlooked.  If you just started thinking about gifting for April 23, here are some ideas:8c7a5783e5646403d6efa08334eafa71

{1} Something Sweet.  During a long day at the office, something sweet can really help you get through.  Try a homemade tasty treat that your secretary can enjoy immediately, like cookies or fudge, or give them something that they can keep in their desk for those days worse than Mondays, like taffy or hard candy.1d5e0e668b1011d026441a1f9344e6f3

{2} Something Growing. Green plants have been known to have a positive effect on productivity and stress recovery.  A beautiful dish garden will make a perfect addition to their desk an office, while providing some of these great health benefits.02ababe82450be8e4104577e99070d41

{3} Something Personalized.  Monogramed and personalized gifts are definitely a big trend as of late.  Give your secretary some office swag with a personalized mug, note book, phone case, or clipboard.  They will love a gift that’s just for them.eac31212b9dde6b8c40e365221655656

{4} Something Tasty.  If sweets just aren’t your secretaries things, try a gift basket filled with fruit, gourmet goodies, or both!  Presented in a beautiful basket, you can wow any secretary for their hard work.1d5a026bdd267da46dabcd10e5c4d14b

{5} Something Blooming.  A bouquet of beautiful flowers is the perfect way to say thank you to any secretary.  Choose their favorite florals, colors, or their signature style for a personalized touch.  Send this bouquet in a lovely vase to enjoy on their desk all week long!


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