Crown Of Flowers

Trending this wedding season are floral head wreaths.  There are many ways to incorporate them, from just the flower girls to all the brides maid.  If you’re thinking floral head wreaths might be a good fit for your wedding, here are some ideas you may consider:

Bridesmaids Floral{1} On The Bridesmaids: Don’t want a floral crown to take away from your perfect dress? Try adding the floral crowns to the bridesmaid’s ensemble. You can loose their bouquets for a casual bohemian inspired vibe, or pair with tiny nosegays.

Flower Girl{2} On The Flower Girls: What’s better than having your flower girls wear actual flowers? Adding a floral crown to a flower girl’s ensemble can fit into almost any wedding style.

Bride Half Floral{3} Half Head Wreath: If you’re looking to add just a little something to your dress, maybe a half head wreath is just the fit for you. The half head wreath is not too much, but just enough. You can easily change up flower color depending on you wedding’s color palate, too.

Bride Dainty Wreatj{4} Subtle Full Head Wreath: A dainty, subtle floral crown is perfect for those who love the look of a crown, but don’t need to make a bold and dramatic statement.  Pair with a beach or traditional themed wedding. This type of floral crown is just enough to make a statement, but not too flashy.

Bride Updo{5} Bun Style Head Wreath: Floral head crowns are all the rage, but are you the type who wants to be beyond the trend? Try wrapping a floral headpiece around any up do. It gives head wreath a whole different look.

Bride Bold{6} Dramatic Full Head Wreath: Adding this bright, dramatic floral crown is just the piece you need to make a statement on that special day. This type of floral crown works perfect with a summer, fall, or spring wedding.  Opt for lush bold color blooms for full impact.


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