Beautiful Babies Breath

All babies breath has been trending for quiet some time, but we are still swooning over this look.  Here are some great ways to incorporate all babies breath into your wedding:

{1} Bridesmaid’s Bouquets: Not only does all babies breath have a casual romantic look, it can help lower cost bridesmaid’s bouquets.  Babies’ breath is the perfect solution to an affordable, yet absolutely gorgeous look.

Babies' Breath Bouquet

{2} Centerpieces: If you want large, voluminous centerpieces babies’ breath are just the flower to use! Using different kinds of flowers in large centerpieces can be quite expensive, while babies breath keeps the cost low and looks just as elegant.

Babies' Breath Centerpeice

{3} Boutonniere: What better way to adorn a mans suit than a sprig of babies breath?  It is perfectly light and airy and will look fabulous with coordinating bouquets for the girls.Babies' Breath Boutonniere

{4} Wreath: Wow your guests even before they walk in the room.  Babies breath wreaths make the perfect touch for ceremony or venue doors.  You can even add a wreath for a backdrop to your head table or sweets display.  Even consider a wreath hanging on back of the Mr & Mrs chairs.Baby's Breath Wreath

{5} Crowns: A beautiful crown of babies’ breath makes the perfect headpiece for any flower girl.  For a trend setting look, have all your bridesmaids wear babies breath wreaths.Baby's Breath Flower Girl Wreath

{6} Garland: Towering centerpieces not your thing?  Adding babies’ breath garland down your tables adds a finishing touch of elegance without distributing the dinner talk.Babies' Breath Garland


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