Simba, This Years Cutest Pet

Congratulations to Simba, this year’s cutest pet!  With 311 likes, 37 share, and  11 comments, we are so happy that this cute kitten was also supported by G.R.A.S.P.  What a great tie in!  Here’s a little more about Simba from owners Rachel and copy

  • Name: Simba
  • Age: 2
  • How long have you had your pet? 2 years. We adopted Simba from GRASP after they rescued him from a sewer. After we got Simba he became very ill and was rushed to the animal emergency. His vet bills were over $1,000.00 but GRASP paid the ENTIRE bill! Simba is now happy and healthy, only thanks to their donation! We chose the picture we did because this was right after Simba was released from the animal hospital. He was happy and playful. We would not have been able to keep Simba without GRASP! We are forever grateful.
  • What is your pet’s favorite activity? Snuggling and sleeping on our pillows
  • What is your pet’s favorite toy? Scratching post
  • Where is your pet’s favorite place to visit? Grandma and Grandpa’s house on Sundays
  • Does your pet have a favorite treat?  Cheezy middles. By: Temptations Treats

Ella Bleu_holly.stiner73@gmail.comWith 285 likes, 44 comments, and 40 shares, we also award Ella Bleu the “Rockcastle Fave”.  Congrats!


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