Sending Flowers to the Hosptial

Sending flowers to a loved one who is in the hospital is a great way to show them you care, and brighten up their stay! Here are some guidelines to make your floral decision easier:

{1} Intensive Care: People that are in intensive care, transplant units, or have any sensitivity issue usually cannot receive fresh flowers due to health and safety concerns. However, they can be delivered once the patient is moved to a regular room. 


{2} Vases: We recommend using glass vases when sending flowers to the hospital so that people can easily see when the water is getting low, and keep the flowers fresh for longer!

gifts-to-hyderabad{3} Dish Gardens: Plants and dish gardens may be a better choice for someone who is in the hospital for a longer stay.

succulent-dish-garden{4} Regulations: There are “Hippa” Regulations that prevent florists and other third parties from obtaining the home address of patients if they are discharged. hospital_new_1503500c

{5} Shorter Stays: Hospital stays are generally shorter these days, so when choosing flowers, think of a low profile vase that can easily be transported home!




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