Holiday Office Gifting

It’s about that time of year to plan your holiday gifts! This week, we have some great ideas that you can use for holiday office gifts!

{1} Centerpiece:  Give your clients, employees, or vendors the gift of holiday spirit with a beautiful centerpiece! There are many varieties to perfectly fit the likes of your recipient.


{2} Homemade Goodies:  Homemade holiday goodies are a great way to show someone appreciation this time of year. Maybe you have a new recipe you want to try out, or a family secret that is looked forward to every year. Use holiday themed packages and tags for the gifting!


{3} Gift Basket:  Another way to personalize your office gifts this season is with a gift basket. Try one full of cookies for that sweet-tooth someone, or a gourmet basket filled with fruit and cheese.


{4} Mason Jar Gifts:  A twist on the gift basket alternatives, on a smaller DIY scale is a mason jar filled gift! Add some little treats, such as nice office supplies or materials for a mini at-home spa.


{5} Poinsettia: A true Christmas classic is the poinsettia. They make a wonderful gift as they are a perfect decoration all season long!



Birthdays are always worth celebrating! Here are some ways to incorporate flowers into the party this year – from classic gifts to unique decorations
{1} Planting as a Gift: Flowers are a beautiful gift to celebrate a birthday, but giving someone a house plant or flowers for their garden is a constant reminder of how special they are to you house plant
{2} Flower Décor: Decorate the birthday party with flowers! Use them to make creative centerpieces that will surely catch the guests attention!
 bday decor
{3} Cakes: Cakes are a staple to any birthday celebration, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be creative! Use fresh flowers to decorate whatever kind of cake it is for a unique & easy dessert.
 bday cake 
{4} Bouquets: Flowers are a beautiful and timeless way to show someone you care about them, but they are especially meaningful on a birthday! Choose a bouquet full of their favorite colors or flowers, and send them to their place of work for a  birthday surprise!
 birthday flowers

Say Thank You This Secretaries Day

The sometimes forgotten holiday, Secretaries Day, is nestled right in-between Easter and Mother’s Day.  Don’t let the person who makes your day exponentially easier be overlooked.  If you just started thinking about gifting for April 23, here are some ideas:8c7a5783e5646403d6efa08334eafa71

{1} Something Sweet.  During a long day at the office, something sweet can really help you get through.  Try a homemade tasty treat that your secretary can enjoy immediately, like cookies or fudge, or give them something that they can keep in their desk for those days worse than Mondays, like taffy or hard candy.1d5e0e668b1011d026441a1f9344e6f3

{2} Something Growing. Green plants have been known to have a positive effect on productivity and stress recovery.  A beautiful dish garden will make a perfect addition to their desk an office, while providing some of these great health benefits.02ababe82450be8e4104577e99070d41

{3} Something Personalized.  Monogramed and personalized gifts are definitely a big trend as of late.  Give your secretary some office swag with a personalized mug, note book, phone case, or clipboard.  They will love a gift that’s just for them.eac31212b9dde6b8c40e365221655656

{4} Something Tasty.  If sweets just aren’t your secretaries things, try a gift basket filled with fruit, gourmet goodies, or both!  Presented in a beautiful basket, you can wow any secretary for their hard work.1d5a026bdd267da46dabcd10e5c4d14b

{5} Something Blooming.  A bouquet of beautiful flowers is the perfect way to say thank you to any secretary.  Choose their favorite florals, colors, or their signature style for a personalized touch.  Send this bouquet in a lovely vase to enjoy on their desk all week long!

Holiday Office Gifting

Tis’ the season to be sending some holiday cheer.  Whether you’re thanking clients, recognizing employees, or sending some love to your best vendors, your local florist has so many options for leaving a big impression on your recipient.  Here are some popular options we offer at Rockcastle Florist for your Office sending pleasure:

{1} Poinsettia Plants.  These beautiful plants are a staple of the holiday season, and make a perfect gift.  The poinsettia plant is a long lasting option, making it perfect for those who want to send Christmas wishes early this year.  Finished off with a beautiful holiday bow, these plants will bring a smile to whomever you are sending.


{2} Gourmet & Fruit Baskets.  Food is always the safe option for gifting.  Who doesn’t love a basket of tasty treats?   You can choose from a basket of fresh fruit, gourmet items, or a combination of both.  Baskets can be customized to fit a variety of themes and budgets.

Fruit Basket

{3} Centerpieces.  A perfect piece to send for the home.  Our centerpieces feature one to three taper candles and come in a variety of styles.  For a longer lasting piece, opt for the Woodland centerpiece.  It’s a beautiful assortment of greenery, berries, and apples.

Wood Center Premium

And don’t forget office decor and holiday parties!  Flowers are a great addition to adding that extra touch of holiday cheer.  Greet your clients and event attendees with a beautiful floral installation.  Silk pieces make a great look for the office all holiday season, and fresh floral are a perfect addition to your next holiday office event.

DIY Teacher Vases

A simple vase of flowers is the perfect way to put a smile on any teachers face.  But to really make that extra impression, why not DIY a school inspired vase.  Inspired by Pinterest, we’ve seen so many varieties of DIY vases, with techniques of filling material between two vases, or wrapping it around the outside of the vase.  A great feature of these vases are that your teacher can use them after for more flowers, or as a pen and pencil holder.


Here are some ideas for back to school inspired materials:

  • Pencils
  • Colored Pencils
  • Highlighters
  • Markers
  • Crayons
  • Rulers
  • Numbers & Letters
  • Chalkboard Paint
  • School Inspired Scrapbook Paper
  • Paper Clips

3a91cdc124f977d4fc0e2c5166cc3c31Be sure to fill your vase with bright and cheerful flowers.  Some suggestions include:

  • Sunflowers
  • Gerbera Daises
  • Craspedia
  • Bold Carnations
  • Button Mums

Graduation Flowers


Looking for the perfect day of graduation gift?  Flowers are the only way to go!  Classic red roses would be appreciated by any graduate, but there are many other options for those who don’t want roses.  Mixed bouquets are a great way to show a graduate that you are proud of them.  Additional customization can be added in though showcasing their favorite flower or ribbons in their school colors.  When working with a florist, think how you can make the bouquet truly represent the recipient.


If you’re planning on sitting through a long graduation ceremony, opt for a tussie mussie bouquet.  These bouquets are cut shorter, making them lighter and easier to handle.  And it makes for an easy hold while the graduate receives plenty of graduation hugs!
Maybe flowers aren’t exactly what your graduate would want, don’t worry there are other options.  How about a cookie bouquet!  Arranged in a beautiful basket, these big cookies are just the treat for your new grad to eat.  At Rockcastle we have many designs, including: colored m&m’s, chocolate chips, and event 2013 written out in sugar!

Teacher Gifting

As the school year is coming to a close, finding that perfect gift for that special teacher is on everyone’s mind.  But you don’t have to go big to be the apple of your teachers eye.  Small gifts are the perfect way to say “thank you for all your hard work this year!”  Here are some ideas:

Order a small vase arrangement of flowers.  Choose one to two different flowers with a coordinating filler.  You can splurge on a luxurious flower, like a garden rose or orchid, for something with great impact, that they may not see in a larger bouquet.  For a special touch, select your school colors or their favorite flowers to really brighten their day.
Looking for another way to say thank you, without braking the bank?  Having the flowers wrapped is less costly then having them arranged in a vase.  Try a wrapped bouquet of colorful carnations or gerbera daises to send a smile.
If a bouquet isn’t fitting for the teacher in your life, think about getting a potted plant.  A small pot of african violets or a lovely dish garden would make a great addition to the classroom, with lasting enjoyment.

Flowers For The Stars

It’s that time of year for spring plays and musicals.  And before you know it spring recitals and concerts will be happening as well.  Say congratulations to that special someone with a beautiful flower bouquet.

Kate's Dance Recital 2012 001

{1} MOST FOR YOUR MONEY.  Have your florist put the bouquet together in a nice wrap.  It will be easier to hand off at the end of the show, and will save you a few extra dollars over a vase arrangement.

{2}  COLOR COORDINATE.  Does your star have a favorite color, or maybe the particular show has a specific pallet.  Go with it!  You can get everything from the flowers to the ribbon to coordinate for a complete bouquet.

{3} ADD SOME GLAM.  Your florist can spice up a bouquet by adding some glitter spray for the final finishing touch.  If you really want to get elaborate, you can add a gem in the center of a beautiful gerbera daisy or rose.

{4} A SPECIAL NOTE.  While you will be able to add a card message to your bouquet, why not upgrade to a speciality card?  It will be the perfect addition to your bouquet, and most florists have beautiful cards on hand for sale.

{5} HANDLE WITH CARE.  In your daily run around, don’t leave your beautiful bouquet in the car.  Make sure to plan accordingly so flowers aren’t left in an overly cold or hot vehicle.  This can leave the flowers in an unpresentable condition for your recipient.