Holiday Centerpieces

The holidays are all about family, love & food! Whether you are hosting a Christmas party or just having close family and friends over for a holiday dinner, the decor is important. We are giving you some ideas of how to incorporate food into fun holiday centerpieces.

{1} Cranberries: Cranberries are a big part of the whole holiday season! These little fruits are easy to incorporate into recipes as well as decor. A simple DIY centerpiece is to place a bunch of cranberries into a large clear vase, add water and then add whatever you like! We recommend adding floating candles or winter greenery to make this an especially festive piece.


{2} Gingerbread Tree: Just like the gingerbread houses we all used to make growing up, these little creations are festive & impressive. Stack gingerbread cookie cutouts by putting frosting in the middle to help them stand up! Then sprinkle with powdered sugar to create a snowy look.


{3} Candy Canes Galore: Candy canes are the classic Christmas treat, and there are so many ways to incorporate them into your holiday home decor! Stick candy canes in your Christmas floral arrangements, or use them to create a festive vase!


{4} Sugared Fruit: This is another easy DIY holiday centerpiece. Pick up some of your favorite fruit, make them “sugared,” and arrange them onto your favorite platter or bowl.


{5} Oranges & Cloves: A classic look that doubles as a wonderful holiday home scent is oranges with cloves. You can easily make a centerpiece with these by arranging them on a cake plate or in a decorative bowl.  



Designer Inspired Holiday Home Decor

This year, we have been inspired by some of our favorite designers when it comes to decorating our homes for the holiday season!

{1} Mackenzie Childs: Incorporating this country chic home designer into your holidays will take lots of black & white in the form of checkered prints.  Think ribbons and ornaments in this print.   We recommend a bright red for an accent color!


{2} Betsy Johnson:  This holiday decor style is for the fun-loving decorators out there! To achieve a holiday home that Betsy herself would approve of, add lots of feathers! Put them in your centerpieces, or have them displayed on your Christmas tree! We also recommend bright & unique ornaments to tie this look all together.


{3} Kate Spade: Where playful meets sophistication will be your home this holiday season. Make your mantle Kate Spade inspired by adding bright colors to your holiday garland, like hot print, teal, or lime, and accenting with metallics like ornaments or candle votives. Use these decorations to surround a cheeky, festive graphic quote that will have all your guests smiling.



{4} Vera Wang: Elegant & simple decor is how we describe our Vera Wang Christmas. Lots of black & white decorations, with added in glamour, like a pearl garland.

Screen shot 2014-12-02 at 12.50.33 PM

{5} Tommy Hilfiger: Go for a vintage, country theme with inspiration from Tommy. Imagine red plaid ribbons tied around the tree or balsam garland, and use antlers as accents when you can!


Holiday Office Gifting

It’s about that time of year to plan your holiday gifts! This week, we have some great ideas that you can use for holiday office gifts!

{1} Centerpiece:  Give your clients, employees, or vendors the gift of holiday spirit with a beautiful centerpiece! There are many varieties to perfectly fit the likes of your recipient.


{2} Homemade Goodies:  Homemade holiday goodies are a great way to show someone appreciation this time of year. Maybe you have a new recipe you want to try out, or a family secret that is looked forward to every year. Use holiday themed packages and tags for the gifting!


{3} Gift Basket:  Another way to personalize your office gifts this season is with a gift basket. Try one full of cookies for that sweet-tooth someone, or a gourmet basket filled with fruit and cheese.


{4} Mason Jar Gifts:  A twist on the gift basket alternatives, on a smaller DIY scale is a mason jar filled gift! Add some little treats, such as nice office supplies or materials for a mini at-home spa.


{5} Poinsettia: A true Christmas classic is the poinsettia. They make a wonderful gift as they are a perfect decoration all season long!


Spooky Flowers

Just in time for Halloween, we want to share our ideas with you on how to make a spooky bouquet!

{1} Vintage Vase: Instead of your usual glass vase, use an old vintage bottle, preferably with an old label still on it! If not, you can also print out an old poison bottle graphic and still give it that vintage feel. Use this for your Halloween inspired flowers that are sure to wow your guests this season.


{2} Dried Flowers: Use dried flowers and herbs to create an arrangement that will be beautiful yet eerie. Perfect Halloween decor!


{3} Forensic Flowers: Here is a cool DIY idea for the Halloween lover – try “blood splatter” roses! Simply take white roses, and add drops of red paint or even nail polish to create a creepy Halloween bouquet.


{4} Spooky Add Ons: A super easy way to a make an eerie Halloween bouquet is to take flowers in dark shades like deep oranges, purples and reds, and use some scary additives! Try artificial spider webs or branches to help achieve the perfect Halloween look.




{5} Black Flowers: You may only see them on rare occasions, but black flowers do exist! This year, add black calla lilies  to your arrangement for a naturally spooky feel.


DIY Teacher Vases

A simple vase of flowers is the perfect way to put a smile on any teachers face.  But to really make that extra impression, why not DIY a school inspired vase.  Inspired by Pinterest, we’ve seen so many varieties of DIY vases, with techniques of filling material between two vases, or wrapping it around the outside of the vase.  A great feature of these vases are that your teacher can use them after for more flowers, or as a pen and pencil holder.


Here are some ideas for back to school inspired materials:

  • Pencils
  • Colored Pencils
  • Highlighters
  • Markers
  • Crayons
  • Rulers
  • Numbers & Letters
  • Chalkboard Paint
  • School Inspired Scrapbook Paper
  • Paper Clips

3a91cdc124f977d4fc0e2c5166cc3c31Be sure to fill your vase with bright and cheerful flowers.  Some suggestions include:

  • Sunflowers
  • Gerbera Daises
  • Craspedia
  • Bold Carnations
  • Button Mums

DIY Dyeing Carnations

Nothing says “top of the mornin’ to ya” like a green carnation on St. Patrick’s Day.  And what a fun activity to do with the kids this March!

At Rockcastle Florist we prefer to dye our own Green Carnations because we find that they last longer than the pre-dyed that we can order in.  The difference?  All carnations are cut from the farm, dry packed, shipped and hydrated when they reach their retail location.  Pre-dyed carnations are cut from the farm, partially hydrated with dye and water and dry packed again.  We find that dying them and hydrating white carnations once on are end provides a longer lasting product.

While we dye our own carnations in house, you can dye your own carnations right at home!  Here is how:


{1} Gather your supplies: white carnations, green food coloring, knife, two glass vases or jars, paper towels, and water.

{2} Cut the stems with a knife about and inch or so above the end of the stem.  Make sure to cut at an angle.

{3} Immediately submerge the stems in clean water.  Make sure the water is a few inches above the stem end.

{4} Drop the food coloring in the second jar of water to dye the carnations.  More is better.  Try 20 – 30 drops.  Make sure the water is a deep deep green.

{5} Place the stems in the colored water.

{6} Check back in 30 minutes to an hour and the color should start to peak through.  In about 24 hours the color will be as deep as possible.

{7} Take the carnations out and gently clean the stem and place into a fresh vase of water.

{8} You can arrange the carnations in a bouquet or even wear one on your shirt or in your hair.

Note that an unconditioned white carnation is best for coloring.  Meaning it is a carnation that has not been hydrated yet.