Father’s Day

Trying to think of a great way to show your Dad you care about him this father’s day?  We all have done the cute pictures, cards, and any power tool he may be missing from his collection.  So it’s time to think outside of the box with… flowers!  Flowers are a great way to recognize any individual, male or female, and show how much you care.  Now don’t come rushing to our store to get him a dozen long stem roses.  Now a days there are more masculine arrangements available for any occasions.
Here are a few tips to help you select an appropriate arrangement. When buying flowers keep in mind that you should look for bold colors like red, orange, or purple.  These strong colors make an eye catching bouquet without being too “pretty”.  Another thing to remember is that linear or natural bouquets are going to look the best in a mans eye.  Rounded or fluffy bouquets are seen as more of a girly style.
Don’t want to be too bold the first time?  Send a simple potted plant or small table arrangement to see how he reacts.  Remember you don’t have to send just flowers.  Add in his favorite candy, little gadget, or something to do with his favorite hobby or pastime.  For example if you Dad loves cars try out the Teleflora’s ’48 Ford Pickup Bouquet.  As your florist for other unique containers available.  Adding in small touches of what dad enjoys is a great way to show him some love.

So next time you are looking for a unique gift that says “happy father’s day,” remember that flowers aren’t just for women.  With a lovely plant or arrangement you can show anyone how much they are loved and appreciated.