Savvy Spending for Wedding Flowers

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Weddings are becoming an expensive affair! The average costs overall can run $20-30 thousand. If we fall in line with the national average the floral budget should be 10% of the total wedding cost.

There is hope and you can purchase wedding floral designs on a budget without looking like you cut corners.

Research. There is so much information available; start collecting photos or pin boards of your likes and perhaps your dislikes too. Define your overall theme by color pallet and style. Have it with you or accessible to the Florists you are meeting with for estimates.

Define your floral budget. What are you willing to spend? In order to avoid sticker shock, consider your budget for all wedding categories to make the planning process easier and more productive.

Trust your Floral Designer. It may take a few consultations for comparison; but you should be comfortable and compatible with the person who will be designing your wedding flowers. Once they understand your vision and budget, they will be able to steer you in the right direction and make suggestions for substitutions if needed. Your confidence in them will allow their creative freedom to wow you on your wedding day.


Be flexible on flower choices. Let go of pricey selections that will drive up the overall cost. Enjoy your favorite blooms in your bouquet, but adding them into every arrangement could take you over budget fast. Flowers like Hydrangea and Babies Breath, are cost effective and fashionable varieties to showcase or mix with other flowers. Hydrangeas are large and round in keeping with the orb and low profile designs. Babies breath is fashion forward alone or combined with other flowers.


Dual use items featured at the ceremony and reception also offer cost savings. Mason jars filled with flowers can mark your pews or chairs and also be displayed as center pieces. Garden urns filled with large blooms can mark your ceremony and also be a showcase at your reception.



Hot Hot Hot Wedding Trends


The Kennedy-Hickey Wedding was so much fun to work with.  Especially since all their selections were beautiful choices that happen to be hot wedding trends this summer.

As a fan of all things fashion related, I must first give a shout out to the non floral fashions that all worked together for this pretty, pretty wedding.  The beautiful bride, Julia opted for a candle light lace gown with cap sleeves, that was stunning on her statuesque frame.  For the bridal party Julia chose blush cocktail length dresses.  It was wonderful for us to kick off the summer wedding season with the fastest trending color this year.  It was also refreshing to see her embrace another new trend and style her hair loose in a partial up do.  The handsome Groom, Patrick, and beautiful weather made this the perfect Rochester Wedding Day!!


Here are some hot trends you can take away from this fabulous wedding:

{1} Limit your floral choices to 2-3 types of flowers and colors, less is more and too many varieties and colors can look busy and distracting.

{2} Blush and green as floral colors for the day can be utilized in several shades, in this combination of the brighter greens to the lightest green combined with blush and a touch of pink is a popular pairing for this summer.

{3} A combination of high and low centerpieces is the perfect look for any wedding.  The tall cylinder vases with branches paired with the low compact arrangements on alternating tables is a wonderful visual experience and also offers cost savings.


Tips For Beautiful Wedding Flowers

{1} Plan on scheduling an appointment for approximately one hour with a Professional Florist (or two) to discuss the floral items you are interested in for your wedding.  Have the following details decided on before you meet………

  • Logistics/Dates/Locations and Times
  • Bridal Party attire/colors
  • Dresses should be ordered to provide color and style direction
  • Where you will place floral décor at the ceremony, reception… who will you want to have personal flowers
  • Start your research and have ideas about what you like and don’t like in wedding flowers, provide visual information whenever possible
  • Floral Budget….have some idea or price range in mind before you start the floral planning of what you are willing to spend on your wedding flowers


{2} Research….with so much visual information available, it’s easy to find inspiration on line or in wedding publications. Accumulate photos of likes and dislikes to show your Florist in order for them to get a good feel for your wedding vibe. You don’t need to be experienced in the language of flowers to communicate the looks you are going for, but the more visual ideas you can share will help your Designer to get on the same page with you. Pinterest is a great social media site to gather inspiration and find amazing ideas for your wedding flowers a very effective way to share information with your florist.

Canal Town Photo 2

{3} Style….consider what “looks” best capture your personalities as a couple. Will you be more comfortable celebrating outdoors or in a more traditional Church ceremony?  Will formal sophistication rule the day or casual elegance fit your style? Try not to get too caught up in traditions…today’s weddings are all about the couples , their lifestyle and how they want to share the most important day with family and friends.


{4} Color….consider colors as accents not necessarily needing to match the colors of the bridal party.  Pink flowers in front of a pink dress will be lost in your photographs. Contrasting and complimentary colors will work best and you can always include the colors of the day, but mix hues to create a scheme that will hi lite your wedding party.0040

{5} Flower Varieties…..Don’t get tied down with too many specific flowers. Certain varieties of flowers are not consistent throughout the year. Stay true to a style and color scheme and allow your designer the creative license to make recommendations.


{6} Texture is an important element in wedding designs. Ask your designer to suggest items that will add texture to your designs and watch them come to life.


{7} Ceremony Décor…There are many areas to consider depending on your venue, our best tip for you is to consider pew bows/or chair accent designs. This will accentuate your walk down the aisle and provide visual interest before, during and after your ceremony.


{8} Reception Décor….Centerpieces are the main attraction here! Currently alternating high/low centerpieces are a popular item and composites of multiple designs for tables are growing in popularity too. Centerpieces can offer a beautiful visual display for the reception, but can eat up your floral budget fast. This is an area to be very candid with your Florist about your favorite looks and your budget to allow them to suggest ways to accomplish this.


{9} Trust….find a Florist/Designer who you can strike a positive relationship with.  The consultation time is a good place to feel out the designer. Are they providing the looks you like, do they seem to understand your needs, are they someone you can have a positive professional relationship with? Look for a Florist with a strong social media presence that also has photographs of their work available to share with you.  Provide them with your floral preferences and budget and trust them to provide you with the best presentation possible.


{10} Choose a Florist by reputation, experience and quality of design…. not by price. There will always be someone out there to offer flowers at a lower cost. Choosing your wedding florist based on a friend’s recommendation or because they offered the lowest price on their quote may not provide the best fit for YOUR WEDDING.